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Jan. 15, 2023
Initiation to salsa 2H -19€
Jan. 15, 2023
Initiation to Cha cha 2H -19€
Jan. 15, 2023
Salsa recreationnal 6h
Oct. 15, 2023
Initiation to bachata 2H -19€
Jan. 15, 2023
Initiation to salsa 2H -19€
Jan. 15, 2023
Initiation to Cha cha 2H -19€
Oct. 18, 2023
Initiation to bachata 2H -19€
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We are so keen on the movements Coming to our classes will help in masteri Salsa.
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Welcome to the Salsa lessons Brussels is a dance that takes you into the world.
Salsa is the easiest form of dance convenient for every beginner. When many people hear about salsa, the first thing that strikes their mind is music. Right? Well, salsa involves swinging your body as you rhyme to music. It is engaging and fewer muscles are required making it worth dying for.  This type of dance is more enjoyable in a class set up. You can be sure that we have a lot of fun. The following are some features that make us exceptional, when it comes to salsa, in the world of dance.


We are mindful of the availability and convenience of our students. We can reschedule our classes to fit the program of everyone. We have classes on different days of the week so, it will be very difficult for you not to find an appropriate day.


However much salsa dance is common in Belgium, we try our best to have original moves convenient for every type of dancer.  We are unique in the sense that people who claim to have" two feet" during a dance become professionals. Can it get better than this?


Salsa dancing can be boring without music, so we incorporate different genres to add flavor to the moves. This increases rhythm making people psyched up.  How beautiful does that sound? Good, right! You cannot afford to miss out on these moments. Consider registering to be a part of us.


We are so keen on the movements Coming to our classes will help in masteri Salsa. It’s good to have an instructor to help you learn different styles. You don’t have to look further, we got you covered in Salsa Lesson Brussels.

Our Brand 

We are very consistent with training and impressing people. We have operated for a while now and are determined to continue offering the best services. We are open to any views and critics to enable improvements. There is a lump sum of benefits to enjoy when you register. People tend to think that salsa lessons are for the physically fit but you can be sure if you register with us, you get the benefits that come with salsa which is losing weight and swinging your body for fun.

The Bottom Line

 We offer the best services in Belgium hence signing to our class will be very important for your flexibility. The above tips are helpful if you need to consider our classes. We are customer-friendly and offer the best guidelines on how to twine and swing the body. We will be very pleased if you register in our classes. You are welcome. Let’s salsa together.